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A special message from Operation Catnip president and founder Dr. Julie Levy…

I couldn’t believe what I saw as I drove down Cherry Tree Drive in Gainesville on my way home from work at the University of Florida.

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Homeless cats poured out from every corner of the neighborhood. Tiny kittens, pregnant mothers, fighting toms, and stray pets. I saw a little black cat dash onto a porch, and that’s when I met her caregiver, Norman.

Norman emerged from his duplex confused. This was a neighborhood that was struggling, and no one had ever come to talk to him about his cats. “Are you going to take them away?” he asked.

The despair in his voice brought tears to my eyes, and I was glad to be able to smile and say, “Absolutely not. We’re here to help!”

OC year end appeal 1I went to work right away, mobilizing a team of volunteers to help Norman, his little black cat, and every other cat we were able to find. Thirty-five cats in all were spayed/neutered and vaccinated that day, and as promised, they were all returned to their outdoor homes to be cared for by Norman and his neighbors.

I need you to stand with Operation Catnip right now as we work to make that dream a reality for other communities just like Cherry Tree Drive.

We cannot let these communities continue to struggle alone.

I won’t mince words. More cats die in America’s shelters than any other animal, and they will continue to die without your help.OC year end appeal 2

Since we started helping community cats in 1998, Operation Catnip’s team of volunteers has helped spay-neuter and vaccinate over 46,500 cats. Seems hard to believe, right? And it’s all thanks to people like you who believe every cat deserves to be safe and cared for, just like Norman’s little black neighborhood cat.

OC year end appeal 3Please commit to saving a life this holiday season. A gift of just $50 will spay/neuter and vaccinate one homeless cat, freeing him or her from the cycle of reproduction, allowing every cat we help to live a safe and happy life alongside the humans who care for them.

If you gave last year, please try to give a little more. Consistent giving is the best way to ensure that programs like this continue. Without you we are nothing.

We’ve counted on you before. I hope we can count on you again. Please donate now!

Dr. Julie Levy, founder of Operation Catnip

Dr. Julie Levy
President & Founder

P.S. Unless you and I act now, cats will die and communities will suffer. For just $50 you can turn dreams into reality for cats and their caregivers. Help us now! Click here to make a donation. Thank you!