Who loves Operation Catnip? Jackson Galaxy!

Everyone’s favorite Cat Daddy is a big supporter of Operation Catnip. He recently showcased some of our success stories as part of his #MonthlyMojo awareness and fundraising campaign.

Galaxy put the spotlight on Piper:Piper1

Down at the local auto shop, the owner’s son and employee, Trey, had been caring for a number of cats who lived on the property. He enjoyed having the cats at his workplace. He was happy to provide food for them, kept a watchful eye on the colony, and had even given each cat a name.

Trey knew he should find a way to get the cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated to keep them healthy and safe, but his funds were limited. Making matters more challenging still, these cats were not going to willingly climb into a carrier. He didn’t want to call animal control out of fear they would trap and euthanize the cats, so he just did the best he could for them.

Then one day he arrived at work and saw Piper, one of his favorite cats, dragging her hind leg. His heart immediately sank.

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Other cats Jackson featured included Joey, a desperately injured community kitten who needed emergency surgery, Mr. Magoo, an injured community cat at a senior living center, and a whole neighborhood full of cats in need – and people who loved them. Read their stories:

  • Joey’s Story: Hope, Love, and a Whole Lotta Purrs
  • Mr. Magoo Comes Home
  • A Trapping Tale: Helping the Cats Helps the Community

When he’s not giving love to Operation Catnip and other great organizations, Galaxy is busy helping cats through the Jackson Galaxy Foundation. (In fact, his heart’s so big he’s helping dogs, too – like his current #MonthlyMojo organization, the Soi Dog Foundation of Thailand!)

Jackson recently drove over 1,000 miles to transport dozens of cats and kittens from shelters that couldn’t save them to organizations that welcomed them into their adoption programs as part of his new Operation Homeward Bound.

Earlier this year, he launched the Cat Pawsitive initiative, helping shelters put their homeless cats’ best paws forward when it comes to capturing the eye of adopters while improving the quality of the cats’ lives while they’re in the shelter.

We’re so glad Jackson loves Operation Catnip, because we love him right back! Operation Catnip is proud to be on #TeamCatMojo!

You can still support Jackson Galaxy’s #MonthlyMojo campaign for Operation Catnip right here!