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Operation Catnip

Operation Catnip’s life-saving work improves the lives of cats and the communities in which they live by spaying, neutering, and vaccinating free-roaming cats, preventing the births of kittens, mentoring other programs around the country, and training veterinarians to save America’s community cats.

Virtually everyone working in the field of feline welfare agrees that the number of cats born each year exceeds the number of homes available, and that targeted trap-neuter-return programs are vital to reduce the number of homeless cats.

Directed by veterinarians and carried out entirely by volunteers, including veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and cat lovers, Operation Catnip has sterilized more than 48,000 community cats in Gainesville since 1998.

2016 Spay Day Clinic Schedule

January 10th (192 cats!) July 10th (227 cats!)
January 30th/31st (218 cats!) August 7th (229 cats!)
March 6th (182 cats!) September 11th (208 cats!)
April 3rd (195 cats!) October 16th (221 cats!)
May 1st (150 cats!) November 6th
June 5th (199 cats!) December 4th